Leopards of Haslemere

Green. This week I’ve experienced green in all its forms. I drank green due to my mum, I see green due to rain and I live green because it’s fun! Mum bought a juice-thing-machine named descărcareunnamedHurom, but we love to rename things. Her name is Hurrem (and the machine is red). Hurrem works a lot. She gets the juice out of kinda anything called SAMSUNGvegetable or fruit. And it tastes like gras for my grandma and delicious to the rest of us. However facts remain facts: green is everywhere, green is relaxing and green is healthy! Suddenly all that peace and happiness of green sourrounds you and it makes you wonder why you haven’t noticed it before.SAMSUNG

Chilhood is here at last! I know it’s late news but I forgot to mention it before. The May Fair of Haslemere has arrived! A Fair like you remember: carrousels, a lot sweets, spinners..all of it popped out of nothing in the Main Street! Jolly golly, brilliant! Colorful and merry that’s how it was. And you should have seen mum: all twinkly eyes and big smile on her face! Guess seeing ice cream and sweets and joy around you does make you feel fuller… SAMSUNG

Another jewel of Haslemere has bloomed. The Rhododendrons and their plant animal prints! You always say that animals are animals and plants are plants. Well, that’s not the case for a Rhododendron. A Rhodo is wild, it inspires wildness, it inspires grace and beauty. A Rhodo is a snow leopard in many colors!

Oana spent half of weekend with us. *smile* It feels nice having a friend around, laughing sick because of Henry’s “pearls”, speaking about all the things that pop into our minds, getting annoyed because of world’s stupidity (e.g. Eurovision), laughing because of the internet, going on long walks amazing to nature’s talent…And at the end of the day you can look back and have another laugh.


Haslemere’s Rhodos



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