Work experience at simply-communicate

Work experience at simply-communicate changed my perspectives, about myself and the world of communication. It is a week I shan’t forget and forever appreciate. Continue reading Work experience at simply-communicate



A lot happened since we arrived, but a summary of 29/03 is food and sleep. Also meeting with Florin, Keiko, Sami and Irina. The way from Osaka to Florin’s home, in Nara, was a series of blurry memories. Square cars, the highway maze, rain, sakura, the old engine of Florin’s car, classical music at the radio, pieces of conversations and then quiet. I must have … Continue reading Uguisu


‘Traces’…. Show. Circus. Theatre. Musical. What is it? None of the above. ‘Traces’ is about the human. I don’t mean the artist’s bodies, the ones everyone desires. I am referring to the human seven artists have created. A human with many traits: energetic, nostalgic, playful, romantic, unbeatable; all expressed through movement. Unbeatable. That is the unspoken rule of the performance. Failure is not accepted. Not … Continue reading ‘Traces’