‘Traces’…. Show. Circus. Theatre. Musical. What is it? None of the above. ‘Traces’ is about the human. I don’t mean the artist’s bodies, the ones everyone desires. I am referring to the human seven artists have created. A human with many traits: energetic, nostalgic, playful, romantic, unbeatable; all expressed through movement. Unbeatable. That is the unspoken rule of the performance. Failure is not accepted. Not even at as an individual. You don’t have the time to blame yourself when you make a mistake. You can’t afford to waste energy on negative thoughts. All you can do is go on. The team becomes the mother: they remind you, you don’t have the right to give up and offer their support.

The artist repeats the jump three times. After the second failure, he could barely muster the strength to smile. The team was there, eyes following the protagonist, six quiet encouragements. Before the third attempt, a team mate pats his shoulder. He executes the jump perfectly.The audience was mad with joy and relief. Why? We had all seen failure. We had all seen the determination. We all celebrated the success.

Determination, team work.


In a world that plays with your life, a wrong move is enough to end it. Your life is in the hand of your team. Literally. Humans need a team.

Trust, humility, acceptance.

The human controls the music. The music is the anchor: it controls movement, it controls the human.

Making decisions. Choosing a leader. Following a leader.

Life is a game of expression. Express yourself through dance, through music, through drawing, through what is important to you. Be happy, be romantic, be energetic, be a child.

Express feelings.

As a spectator you ask how. How is it possible for someone to make those stunts? Practice. The pain when you fall, the pride to be able to get up.


As a spectator you should be asking yourself why. Why are these people risking their life? So I can see a show? So that I have a more pleasant evening? Maybe it’s not about me, as a spectator.


Why is it called ‘Traces’? I am not sure. The show is like art: you can see what you want. Personally, I think it’s all about the ‘traces’ the artists leave as the show goes on. Their name, their personalities, pictures of their earlier selves, the dances. Traces becomes personal. Traces is relaxing, reinvigorating. At the end, when you leave the hall, when you’re on the street and you’re going home, you are a child.

Thank you Dana and Alice for a Saturday. It was an amazing day!

photos buzzmag.co.uk; uk-offers.timeout.com


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