About me

imageMy name is Sara and my story starts in Romania, Bucharest. It continues in 2014 when we moved to Haslemere, England.

I did not give up a fancy job to start this blog. I don’t have a job. I am 15. I am a student.

I started writing because a few years ago, I realized writing is the way I express myself.

I am what I write.

About KikiSiki

KikiSiki is all about the things that I love and inspire me on a daily basis.


Traveling is a method that has allowed people to discover exactly how much time changes people and places. When you live your life in a single place you don’t quite understand how much the world shifts. By actually going places you start to realize how different and unexpected the world can be. I want my traveling articles to act as a sincere guide and encourage people to travel


Food plays a huge role in our lives. Not only because we survive due to it, but also because it forms most of our memories. Who doesn’t have a memory related to food? Food is more alive than we might think. When I cook, I often find, the ingredients will pass on my feelings to the outcome. Food captures feelings and embeds them in our minds.  Food is the physical way that allows me to make people happy. The recipes I write, are for people who love to cook or want to learn how to cook. They are easy recipes that can suit anyone with any budget.

About KikiSikiRo

KikiSikiRo is the Romanian version of KikiSiki. I have created it because I have a lot of  friends and family in Romania who don’t know English and a bilingual site tends to get messy when the whole content is in one place.

photo of me taken by mom, photo with rose by me


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