Work experience at simply-communicate

Horror is a gentle word. A stroke, a kiss on the forehead. On Monday the 13th of July, I woke up all excited about getting started at simply-communicate in London but by the time I went out of the house, I was almost in tears. Mom had denied my outfits, my room was a mess as I tried to find something appropriate to wear and I was worried I would miss the train. Out of the house, run to the station, on the train. Mom was bombarding me with pieces of advice, which, inevitably, made me more anxious, so I cried my eyes out. She let me calm down (she let herself calm down as well – seeing your daughter have a mental crash isn’t the most relaxing thing) and got me back on my feet. “Everything will be fine” she said and, as always, it turned out to be true.

The open office was a surprise. First I thought it was a reception, being used to closed offices. But I loved it. The office is creative and relaxing, you ease in to it. The second thing that struck me, was a sea of Apple devices. Wherever I turned I saw shiny apples. MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, you name it. Then there was me. I felt as antique as the pictures down at National Gallery as I pulled out my Lenovo laptop, remembering to my terror that I had left my adaptor at home. Gloria Lombardi bore with my mistakes (and my laptop) and showed me what simply-communicate was about. She was kind, not patronizing, and kindness was all I needed to calm down my racing heart. I had finished signing up to simply when Marc Wright arrived. Marc was great. He run me through the weeks’ agenda and explained to me what I had to do.

The rest of the day went by smoothly with my first ever meeting at 11:30, a sumptuous lunch and another meeting at 14:00. The latter was with Peter Furtado and Lawrence Clarke about the SmileLab on Tuesday, 14th of July. After I listened in for a bit, I was given my first tasks. I had to get some hand-outs for the workshop, from the printer (completed admirably) and staple the hand-outs (failed admirably):

How to fail at stapling

  1. 1. Mess up the order of the pages.
  2. ‘Unstaple’ the hand-outs.
  3. Restaple hand-outs.
  4. Poker face, as you notice the other pile of pages that had to be stapled with the hand-outs you just restapled.
  5. Staple those pages separately and blame the stapler for being too small.

I was glad I don’t blush. I would have probably been red as a starlet’s dress, as I presented Marc with the pathetic piles of pages. He was amazing (as usual). Smiling, he thanked me for my good work and said that I could go home if I wanted to. I asked him if he wanted a coffee (no sugar, no milk), which was the last thing I did before leaving.

My first day had gone incredibly fast. I made coffees and teas, attended meetings, professionally failed at stapling and met incredible people. As I left the office, I was sure of one thing:

Work experience at simply-communicate was awesome!

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