642 Tiny Things To Write About

Mom stumbled upon this marvellous book, on a blessed trip to Waterstones and bought it for me. I often find it difficult to come up with stories on the spot. This isn’t because I am not imaginative enough but purely because it is hard to come up with a fully-matured plot in a blink. Most of the stories (or posts) I have written so far are based on a theme someone gave me and take at least a week to post and blogging should only take this long when I don’t have exams to worry about (or I win the lottery and ask someone else to take the exams for me). 642 Tiny Things To Write about is written by the San Fransisco Writers’ Grotto and answers my problem: I have a theme, the posts needn’t be too long and I can let my imagination run wild.

So, similarly to the plot of Julie and Julia (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/julie_and_julia/), I shall start to write something for every theme in the book. My deadline is one year. Let’s hope I have the same success as Julie did.  Then I can pay someone to take my exams for me.


PS: For the artists out there: there is a series called “642 tiny things to draw” and “712 things to paint” and many other similar books.



Source of image: http://polkaspotsandfreckledots.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/book-review-642-tiny-things-to-write.html


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