Summer followed by autumn

In five words, the taste of summer.

Sweat, Fire camps, Wind and Home.


In a line of a limerick, the feel of fall.

“A limerick is a form of poetry,[1] especially one in five-line, predominantly with a strict rhyme scheme (AABBA), with humorous intent. The third and fourth lines are usually shorter than the other three.”



Textbook definition of autumn


The textbook definitions of autumn:

Clean brains with lessons forgotten,

Flying kites, windy nights, dirty boots,

New uniforms and schoolbags packed with fruits

On a background of colours as soft as cotton.


I believe “Clean brains with lessons forgotten:” is the line that brings about a feeling of autumn in my heart, since I’ve often been in that position.




Feelings of autumn


September ends with a dancing kite;

October ushers the wind during  dark nights

Morose November weeps all day long

The stains  of autumn confined in a last birdsong,

Before it journeys to horizons that shine white.


The line that encompasses the feelings of autumn in this limerick is “The stains of fall confined in a last birdsong”


PS: This is the first time I’ve ever written a limerick.. How did I do?








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