Feeling sparky

A group of kindergarteners asks you the secret to a happy, successful life. What do you tell them?

“Inside every one of you is your spark. Your spark is the best part of you: your talent for climbing up trees or being funny or being kind or playing football. Anything. Right now, your spark shines the brightest because you all just want to show the world your best part, right?  Well, you’ll go through different situations in life that will change you. Some of those situations will be amazing and they will make your spark bigger and bigger but there will be some sad moments and it is possible that you will forget about your spark just like you forget to clean your room every week. As soon as you start to remember your spark and you start to accept it, life is going to be great. You might or might not be rich or famous or incredibly successful but you will be happy. Life is like a roller coaster ride: it goes up and down and round and round in loops and when you reach the end you realise just how short the ride actually is.  So, enjoy every moment.”

PS: Here’s a song that helped me get the right groove to write the article. Enjoy!




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