Write about a song your mother sang to you.

Memories are a funny. You aren’t even aware of how many your brain stocks but when you’re least expecting it, a flush of images and sounds blinds your senses. There are certain memories that you never seem to forget. They seem to be located in such a way that you can grab them and replay them over and over again whenever you need them.

The memory of mom singing never left me, although I must have been around two or three (or small enough to comfortably fit between my mom’s crossed legs and for her arms to envelop me fully) when it happened. I find my greatest comfort in this memory and it has often been a light when I only saw darkness. The song is called “Nani, nani, puiu mami”. It is a well-known Romanian lullaby. For me it is the lullaby.

The apartment we lived in had a spacious rectangular living room fitted with an immense dark green carpet. Light poured in the room through the two large windows on the furthest side of the room. At that time the world my windows showed me seemed unreal: giants with one leg and green hair, puffy pillows on blue background and occasional water knocking on my windows.

I would sit with my knees up to my mouth, rocking between my mom’s crossed legs, embraced by her (then) long long arms. My head was pressed against her soft chest. Her neck was bent just like a swan bends her neck to reach her chicks and her mouth was pressed against my ear: whispering our lullaby. I was enfolded in a world where the only perfume was my mom’s, where the only sounds came from her voice and the only warmth from her whole being.

When she’d finish the song, she’d tickle me and I would laugh and wriggle and she would laugh at my laughter.



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