A whole sky

I wake up feeling the same way I felt as I went to bed: just as worried I won’t finish that Maths homework, the revision tasks for Statistics, the English essay and that I will (of course) fail the whole year.

“Coffee” I hear myself mutter. The situation is bad.

I crawl out of bed (literally), stretch out like a cat, get up lazily and open the window.

Outside; chaos. Dee-dee barks, squeels and meows under my window. Frankly, I am sure she would even bleat if she could. Anything for food. A train passes by and the birds shriek at each other. Marvelous. 

I somehow stumble downstairs, philosophising whether I should first do my English essay or my Statistics tasks. I get to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of coffee, feed the dog and take a long sip from the cup. I lift my eyes to the window and finally, I see. Outside is the sky.

It’s a sky like I haven’t seen in ages. A sky that is filled with azures, turquoises and blues. A sky completed by swooshed clouds hanging gently over the brilliant background. And there is light. A fresh, healthy light.

The sound of a dove cooing floats in through the cracked window. I am no longer in the UK. I am a three year old girl walking with her grandma through the park near our apartment. A dove coos somewhere in a bush.

“A dove” my grandma tells me.

I coo back, laughing. Above us is a bright, spring sky stretching out to the horizon.

“Who cares about homework!”

I put the coffee down, put my jacket and my boots on and get out. Yes, I am still wearing my pyjamas.
Mental gymnastics

If this morning would be a:

-smell; then it would be the perfume “Un jardin sur le Nile” by Hérmes

– a sound; then it would be Beethoven’s 5 Secrets by Piano Guys

-a taste; then it would be a fruit salad made with mangoes, blueberries and raspberries

-an image; then it would be the sea at Costinesti at 8 am

– something tangible; then it would be electricity. 


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