A new morning

Announcement:  As you can see I’ve decided to write in English. There are reasons for witch I’ve chosen to do so. Firstly I wish to improve my English. I must admit that my spelling and my grammar need improvement (Thanks God they’ve invented the self-spelling) Secondly, English is a much more understood language than Romanian so I’ll (maybe) get more traffic!! (Yayyy!)

We have now moved to Haslemere and there is so much to tell and so much I find myself missing or even wondering if they exist here. So because it is already late I’ll simply make two lists: what I miss and what’s new!


What’s New:

–           The new garden is tiny compared to what we were used to. Strangely it doesn’t bother me. I think that we don’t need more.

–          The fauna will change and it is a most unexpected change…We don’t have cats or dogs we know have…pigeons!  More like chickens if you ask me, because they are HUGE!!! I’m amazed that they’re able to fly! They would be easy prey for my Brutus!

–          We have received more mail in three days’ time here, than in three years in Pantelimon.

–          My brain still thinks it’s in Romania…I go to bed at 21.45 the latest and I still reassure myself a thousand times before crossing the road, that no car will run me over because I didn’t see it coming.

–          Because we don’t have a car we walk a lot, which is great! I’m sure you know how fat always comes and hunts our vulnerable bodies.

–          I’ve found myself enjoying the littlest things in life. For example: Breakfast! Every evening I wish the following morning to come more rapidly, because of breakfast. My grandma makes toast  and we eat and it is simply delightful!

–          We have a lot of spare time.

–          I walk to school.

–          I don’t have to wake up at 5.00 am.

–          People are greeting each other on the streets.

–          The bus is not late.

–          No stray dogs or stray cats.

–          People here don’t really have fences; instead they have huge live-fences, perfectly cut and trimmed.

–          There are a lot of joggers.

–          Every house has a name so I’ve come to know how far I’m from my own cottage when I’m walking home. I’m like: Oh! Now comes Crainwood, afterwards Weydown  Lodge, then Broad Oaks, next to it Warrenden and at last Flintlock Cottage.

–          I love the sky. The English have such beautiful clouds and colors upon their sky. So much sentiment…


What I miss:

–          I miss dad, it’s so different without him, and I think only know that so many people are not with me,  I realize the difference. Hi dad, if you’re reading this, we miss you and we hope we can see you as soon as we get Wi-Fi!

–          I miss my friends, school is nice, don’t get me wrong and everyone at school is friendly and helpful but…it is not the same.

–          I miss the cheese;

–          Life without Brutus and Dee-Dee is somewhat peculiar.

–          I miss my own language as I sometimes find it hard to express what I want to say.

–          I guess I do miss Romania…

Haslemere is the sort of place where you can get everything. It’s all in here. Mystery, Modernisms, Sport, Classic, Fairy tale like, Mountain…well you get the picture. It’s quiet. Sometimes uncomfortably quiet. I close my eyes and I’m passive…or I stare at the clouds. The clouds. I’m sure clouds are like a mirror. They reflect the feelings of what’s under them. In Bucharest they’re quick, passing by “minding their own business”, beautiful but not forever. Here they hang above us as we walk under them…Giving us time to admire them as they have time to admire us.

Our little garden grows as my love grows for it. Not only is it a marvelous place for the birds to play hide and seek but also a great gardener.  Camellias have bloomed and so have the other bushes and trees, filling the air with their perfume. Our garden looks like a little meadow. Every morning birds of all types come and play or pick insects or use our lawn as the toilet (pigeons!).  The nice thing is that the songbirds repay us with their trills of joy, of friendship…of happiness. Only the stupid chickens don’t repay us…they only eat and poop!

It is nice to explore Haslemere, never expecting it to be so small never expecting it to be so big. Up the hill, and down the hill: that’s the way here!  With its mysterious back streets, the nice boutiques. With its amazing hidden gardens and patches of forest. With its “Public Footpaths” who lead to the most different places. Haslemere..sounds like hazelnuts!


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