A whole sky

There are some mornings that are worth remembering. Some people chose to take a picture and the frame it or put it in the album. I chose my blog. Continue reading A whole sky



‘Traces’…. Show. Circus. Theatre. Musical. What is it? None of the above. ‘Traces’ is about the human. I don’t mean the artist’s bodies, the ones everyone desires. I am referring to the human seven artists have created. A human with many traits: energetic, nostalgic, playful, romantic, unbeatable; all expressed through movement. Unbeatable. That is the unspoken rule of the performance. Failure is not accepted. Not … Continue reading ‘Traces’


The trees form a hall of branches above our heads. Just like in a cathedral as mom puts it. She is right, the forest has transformed since we’ve last been here.The forest is a natural cathedral. Old, tired green have replaced the young, fresh one. The ground once soft and dark is now creaking under our steps. The tree barks seem to be covered with … Continue reading Autumn

Any given Tuesday, you either win or you lose

Grass hockey is played like this: you get a stick that looks like a golf stick only that the lower part is more bulky and is harder. You get a ball, slightly larger than the golf ball and definitely harder.  You have to whack or lightly hit the ball to another player and another player till it ends up in the opponent’s goal. Easy! Oh, … Continue reading Any given Tuesday, you either win or you lose

Back home

I have a theory. It sounds something like this: When you must catch an early airplane and wake up at horrible hours only then do three human typologies step in. First are people that, although they haven’t slept, will wake up with a strong will of finishing whatever tasks there are to finish until the taxi arrives. Respect for those kind of people. Then there … Continue reading Back home