“Right, recurrent decimals (whatever those are)”  I am sitting in maths class, but my thoughts are miles away.   How can I concentrate on decimals when all I see in my head is home?  I see the dusty street in Pantelimon, the houses without huge live fences, the trees not arching above you head, but growing straight. I hear dogs barking or the rusty engine … Continue reading Memories


 A nice week, with new events, new people, new habits and… BISCUITS!!!! It is funny how these round shaped, chocolate or plain, sweet and fatty beauties can change you bit by bit. For example: We were having our usual walk  when we reached a big field. “Well, go ahead, do some laps.” said mom. “Yeah, I smirk, you know that my endurance is limited …” “Well, … Continue reading Biscuits!


You really get used to rain here. Nothing special anymore. Only rain. But sometimes sun decides it’s time to show up. I think each country get the same amount of sun per day. Only some get more. You know: All are equal but some are more equal than others. Well, this weekend, sun showed up! We decided to discover another part of Haslemere. The forest. … Continue reading Eighteen

Cat Hunting

Week days pass without much incident. The warm air makes us sleepy, but there is no time. Math’s week. The week dedicated to Maths revision.  However after the morning passes and the afternoon arrives there comes the time for exploring. And so, the curiosity led us to the jewel of Haslemere: Chatsworth Avenue. This mix of French and English (‘chat’ and ‘worth’)  describes what you … Continue reading Cat Hunting

A forest

Life goes on in Haslemere. Undisturbed it moves on like the small river that I cross daily. Its usual clearness is disturbed only when it rains. Oddly it doesn’t rain as much as I expected. England’s rain is different from the normal rain. It falls swiftly, you barely feel it and after it stops, life is left behind. This week we saw rain and I’ve … Continue reading A forest