The sheep

*Spoiler alert for this excerpt*
I couldn’t resist not writing this story after I’ve seen Zootropolis (excellent film, by the way) who proves my point: Sheep can not be trusted. Continue reading The sheep



You are being held at gunpoint, and your assailant says you have 10 seconds to make him/her change their mind about shooting you. What do you say?   A sturdy, balding man presses the gun to my forehead. I am on my knees in the middle of my bedroom, wearing only a night chemise and underwear. My dark blonde hair hangs in streaks across my … Continue reading Bang


*All themes/tasks are in italics*   Describe your first kiss. Too long ago to remember, considering mom first kissed me when I was few minutes old- ‘taking the task literally’ perspective Imaginary- romantic perspective.   Describe your most recent kiss. It was filled with all the loving nutrients a mom-kiss can offer.   Describe your next kiss. It is one of the most peculiar kisses, … Continue reading Kisses

642 Tiny Things To Write About

Mom stumbled upon this marvellous book, on a blessed trip to Waterstones and bought it for me. I often find it difficult to come up with stories on the spot. This isn’t because I am not imaginative enough but purely because it is hard to come up with a fully-matured plot in a blink. Most of the stories (or posts) I have written so far are based on … Continue reading 642 Tiny Things To Write About

Chopin. Op 64, no 2.

For Sanzi Dearest judge/reader, as we all know, a delicious meal often comes with a matching wine. Consider this link the wine to my story:   I shut the door. Outside…classic British weather: grey drizzle. My hair will look like a broom…Again… I sigh. Nevertheless, I decide to take the long way to school: under the bridge, passing the sport centre, up the hill, … Continue reading Chopin. Op 64, no 2.