Homage to summer

A little story that wanted to be told, now that summer is over. Continue reading Homage to summer


Chopin. Op 64, no 2.

For Sanzi Dearest judge/reader, as we all know, a delicious meal often comes with a matching wine. Consider this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyBxps3BgYc the wine to my story:   I shut the door. Outside…classic British weather: grey drizzle. My hair will look like a broom…Again… I sigh. Nevertheless, I decide to take the long way to school: under the bridge, passing the sport centre, up the hill, … Continue reading Chopin. Op 64, no 2.


“Right, recurrent decimals (whatever those are)”  I am sitting in maths class, but my thoughts are miles away.   How can I concentrate on decimals when all I see in my head is home?  I see the dusty street in Pantelimon, the houses without huge live fences, the trees not arching above you head, but growing straight. I hear dogs barking or the rusty engine … Continue reading Memories